We're here to ensure you have the tools, skills, and backing you need to not only lead but to inspire

Become a part of a collective voice that is shaping educational policies, partnering in your professional growth, and providing a safeguard for your employment rights. We provide a platform that unites voices, bridges gaps, and creates opportunities, helping you navigate your career path while continually elevating the educational standards in our community.

Membership in BPAA provides you with access to several exclusive services and benefits including employment advocacy,​ legal defense, political action, salary negotiations, coaching, and mentoring.


With its exclusive focus on local challenges, strong advocacy initiatives, tailored professional development programs, robust legal defense, and broad network of affiliations, BPAA provides a valuable package of benefits that empowers administrators to lead effectively, navigate complex issues, and advance in their careers.

The Broward Principals' and Assistant Principals’ Association (BPAA) offers a comprehensive support system for school-based administrators in Broward County.

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Leaders today operate in a fast-paced, complex, and demanding environment. They are responsible for leading their schools while effectively managing all operations. Administrators must navigate day-to-day tasks, motivate teachers and staff, drive results, and adapt to ever-changing demands while showcasing their competitive edge.

The BPAA Leadership Academy is designed to equip administrators with the necessary tools and support to become high-performing leaders. Through comprehensive training and coaching, our academy will empower administrators to excel in their roles, effectively manage their schools, and foster positive and impactful leadership. Additionally, we offer guidance and support for career development, ensuring that leaders receive the necessary assistance to navigate their career paths in the desired direction.

Our goal is to build and sustain a strong and positive leadership community within BPAA and the SBBC (School Board of Broward County). By investing in the development of our leaders, we strive to create a supportive network and cultivate leaders who can drive success and make a lasting impact within their schools and the broader education community.

Providing administrators with the tools and support necessary to become high-performing leaders.

The Leadership Academy with Manage2Lead

Benefits and Services

BPAA recognizes the importance of supporting its members in their leadership roles. To this end, we have established the BPAA Leadership Academy in partnership with Manage2Lead. Guiding the Leadership Academy is Sharon Airaghi, President of Manage2Lead and an accomplished educator and administrator with Broward County Schools. With her extensive experience, Sharon brings a wealth of knowledge in leadership, mentoring, relationship-building, and customer service to our organization.

Sharon Airaghi
President of Manage2Lead

A legal defense fund has been established to protect members' jobs and ensure quality working conditions. The BPAA will enter into litigation on behalf of a member of the Association should the member meet the legal defense criteria.

Legal Defense committee

Our Political Action Committee interviews state legislative and school board candidates running for election. The PAC provides candidates with endorsements and campaign contributions.

Political Action committee

BPAA is the chief negotiator for all school-based administrators. A committee works to ensure each BPAA member has a fair and equitable salary and benefits package.

Salary Negotiations

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As an association, we aim to provide our members with the support, resources, and opportunities they need to thrive in their roles. Through professional development programs, networking events, and advocacy initiatives, we empower our members to navigate the ever-evolving landscape of education and make a positive impact on the lives of students and the community.

BPAA strives to create a favorable working environment for principals and assistant principals by offering valuable resources, professional development, and strong advocacy. 

In the 1970s, the Broward Principals' and Assistant Principals’ Association (BPAA) was founded with a clear mission: to be a powerful advocate for school-based administrators in Broward County, which is recognized as the 6th largest school district in the United States. Over the years, our association has experienced tremendous growth and now proudly boasts a membership of over 575 dedicated professionals.

BPAA has emerged as one of the leading school-based administrator associations in the state of Florida. We have established ourselves as a strong and influential voice, representing the interests, concerns, and aspirations of our members. Our commitment to excellence and our unwavering dedication to the profession has propelled us to the forefront of educational leadership in the region.

We aim to unify the voices of school-based administrators to influence Broward County schools and legislative activities that impact the school environment.

Together, we can achieve greatness and make a lasting difference in the lives of our students and the educational system as a whole.

Join us at BPAA and be part of a vibrant community of school-based administrators who are passionate about shaping the future of education in Broward County. 

Make a meaningful impact on the future of education in Broward County.