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The Broward Principals' and Assistant Principals’ Association advocates for its members, therefore, improving the quality of the working environment and the delivery of education in Broward County. Let us answer all your questions. Contact us today!

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Certainly! However, a good public image is just one of the ways BPAA promotes school-based administrators. Other highly successful methods it employs include legislative and political action. BPAA serves to monitor and influence local school board and legislative activities by informing its members on issues, policies, and legislation affecting the membership.

Does BPAA create better public awareness of issues affecting principals and assistant principals?

BPAA is a Not-for-Profit organization governed by a body of elected officers. The president, treasurer, and secretary are elected from the entire membership. The remaining Board of Directors are elected chairpersons of the various levels and organizations including the Broward Assistant Principals' Association, The Broward Association of Elementary School Principals, The Broward Association of High School Principals, The Broward Association of Middle School Principals, and non-traditional schools. These school-based administrators are responsible for the direction and success of the association, but of course, they do not do it alone. The day-to-day business of BPAA is performed by our Executive Director.

How is the BPAA governed?

BPAA attracts a significant number of principals and assistants due to several compelling reasons. Firstly, members are motivated by the need for fair representation in the face of the multitude of factors that consistently influence their employment conditions. BPAA serves as a strong voice for school-based administrators, advocating for their rights, interests, and concerns across various arenas.

Another driving force behind membership is access to legal defense benefits. Knowing they have a reliable support system in legal matters provides members with a sense of security and peace of mind. This benefit ensures that administrators are equipped to navigate potential legal challenges confidently.

Additionally, BPAA offers numerous social activities, leadership opportunities, and a range of valuable benefits and services. These perks enhance the overall membership experience, providing opportunities for networking, professional growth, and personal development.

Ultimately, the ability to join forces with like-minded professionals, access legal defense benefits, actively participate in decision-making processes, enjoy social activities, and access valuable resources and services are compelling reasons that attract a significant number of principals and assistants to join and engage with BPAA.

Why do so many principals and assistants belong to BPAA?

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