Celebrating Assistant Principals Appreciation Week, April 5th – 9th

April 4, 2021

The BPAA would like to thank the Assistant Principals of Broward Schools District for all their hard work and dedication during Assistant Principals Week, April 5th – 9th.

Dear Educators, 

A letter of gratitude as we celebrate Assistant Principals Appreciation Week, April 5-9: 

 The excitement of the beginning of a new school year usually starts mid-July and the protagonist role of our assistant principals has to be highlighted, respected, celebrated, and appreciated.  Their hearts and minds are in everything we do as education institutions.  We rely in their efforts to look over data and consider the new possibilities a new year brings, explore ways to inform and entice the engagement of families and students, and, by the way, structure the school’s educational program aligning teachers’ strengths with students’ needs.

 Assistant principals bring a human touch in ways that very few people outside of the dynamics of school truly comprehend.  From encouraging a beginning teacher to supporting an experienced one, from greeting a student with enthusiasm to consoling a student who needs an emotional boost, from celebrating the prowess of highly achieving students to encouraging students who are not working to their fullest potential and provide the process for their success.  In short, assistant principals fill our educational life with life. …And for that, we profusely thank you.

 We also thank you for the sleepless nights, for the times you took blame and responsibilities for issues that were outside of your control, but the problem landed on your shoulders and, guess what? You made it work.  We know that some job descriptions are often well-defined with delineated structures of what the day is usually like. Well, that’s not the assistant principal’s job. It is not defined and everyday has new adventures that run the gamut of emotions from tears of joy and sadness to frustration and laughter, feeling of helplessness and the celebration of success in different facets of our lives in education with students and educators. Boring and typical is not the definition of your jobs.

 On a personal level, assistant principals often paint a smile and offer encouraging words of support and positive attitude, while experiencing personal struggles of their own, but no one would ever guess.  Few people, amidst it all, stop to ask an assistant principal, “So, how are you?” “Are you doing ok?”  It may seem that, in providing strengths for others, their humanity is taken for granted.  IT IS NOT.

There is so much I can say to highlight the many ways in which we are wholeheartedly grateful for our assistant principals that words may fail me.  But this is one of those times that I need to rely on the concept of sincerity to augment the volume of two simple phrases.  And, with that hope in mind, on behalf of our members and Board of Directors of the Broward Principals and Assistants’ Association, we simply say…. THANK YOU!!! YOU ARE APPRECIATED!!

Most Sincerely, 

Dr. Washington B. Collado,                                   


Ms. Lisa Maxwell,     

Executive Director 

Dr. Karlton Johnson,      

President Elect                                    

Mrs. Elaine Seaf

Past President