Congratulations to the 2019 Caliber Awards Finalists!

September 16, 2019

The Principal of the Year and Assistant Principal of the Year Awards recognizes outstanding school administrators for their exemplary contributions to students, schools, and communities. Through their innovative leadership and dedication to academic excellence, they have increased student and school performance and have established safe learning environments for our children. These individuals have utilized teamwork and leadership skills to increase student performance, and promote safe learning environments, often through establishing partnerships with parents and community members.

 Dr. Moira Sweeting-Miller  Monarch High School According to Dr. Moira Sweeting-Miller, Assistant Principal of Monarch High School, students succeed best when they are college, career, and life ready. “This not only means that they are college or career-bound when they graduate but also that they are literate and able to think critically,” says Dr. Sweeting-Miller. She has worked with the District for more than 23 years and is a firm believer in lifelong learning. “I am dedicated to motivating and encouraging students and teachers to strive for excellence, and wish for every student to graduate, pursue his/her dream with passion and most of all to dance like no one is watching.”

Erin Brown Hollywood Hills High School “What matters most when educating our students,” says Erin Brown, Assistant Principal at Hollywood Hills High School, “is teaching them morals, perseverance and a strong work ethic.” As an educator for more than 15 years, Ms. Brown goes to work each day with the purpose of providing a safe, engaging and caring learning environment. “Throughout my career, I have learned that modeling the behavior you wish your students to exhibit, as well as establishing a caring relationship, will assist students in meeting the expectations set for them. As an educational leader, I believe it is our duty to help produce productive, ethical members of society.”

Mary A. Barba Sheridan Technical College and High School For the last five years, Mary Barba has served as the Assistant Principal at Sheridan Technical College and High School. Spanning more than 18 years, her career started as a fifth-grade classroom teacher. “I would like students to know that their voices need to be heard and their opinions matter. They have the power to effect change, not only for themselves but for future generations as well,” says Ms. Barba. The first female athlete from Cooper City High School to receive a full-ride scholarship to a major university, Ms. Barba has always focused on the big picture and her long-term goals.

Cory Ann Smith Ramblewood Middle School As an educator, Cory Ann Smith focuses on the needs of the students she serves. Whether as a teacher or an administrator, Ms. Smith believes that, “all students need to feel a connection with their teachers and leaders. There must be a genuinely caring relationship established for them to learn and grow.” When Ms. Smith entered Florida State University, she was a communications major with a goal of becoming a news broadcaster. More than 20 years later, she is in her fifth year as the Principal of Ramblewood Middle School and does not regret her career change. “I am exactly where I was meant to be.”

Kathryn Marlow Seminole Middle School Having served nearly a decade at Seminole Middle School, Kathryn Marlow is a firm believer that “student learning increases significantly when the student has a positive relationship with the teacher and knows that the teacher truly cares.” This lover of rock and roll music is dubbed by her students as a cool principal. Ms. Marlow believes, “it is critical to offer engaging curriculum and courses that speak to the 21st-century learner. High-interest classes such as the Dark Side of Fairy Tales and Sports & Politics take reading in middle school to the next level. Courses such as Theme Park Engineering will have students running to class.”

Philip Bullock Walker Elementary School “We can never lose sight of the fact that every student is unique with very different academic and social needs. Therefore, instruction must be adjusted to meet these needs,” says Philip Bullock, in his fourth year as Principal of Walker Elementary School. An educator for more than 30 years and a father of five children, Mr. Bullock has firsthand knowledge of what students need to achieve success. “We cannot only teach the curriculum, but we must also teach the child and meet them where they are, not where we want them to be.”