Member Spotlight, Angine Tyghter.

September 15, 2015

Angine Tyghter, President-Elect

Angine Tyghter has served on the BPAA board in various capacities since 2011.  She has served as corresponding secretary and member at large.  Currently, she is your President-Elect for 2014-2015. We appreciate her service to BPAA and her continued commitment to take on additional leadership roles to serve the interests of the members.

Angine has been an educator with the district for 10 years.  She is currently an Intern Principal at Glades Middle School.  She has had the privilege of serving the Glades community for her entire career starting out as a 7th-grade geography teacher and then having the unique privilege of being promoted to assistant principal at her home school.  Angine is a former Teacher of the Year (2009) and a Caliber Award Nominee (2014). 

Angine earned her Masters in Educational Leadership from Nova Southeastern University, her Juris Doctor degree from Duke University School of Law and her Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Pennsylvania.  Prior to entering the field of education Angine served as a corporate and securities attorney.  Angine maintains her bar licenses in three states, Florida, Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Although she successfully enjoyed the practice of law, her passion has always been the field of education. 

When she’s not working, Angine enjoys spending time with her family, long days at the beach and reading.